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Software for creating audiobooks in AAC format (*.m4b).

  • Chapters (Table of Contents)
  • Cover image
  • Dedicated chapter covers possible
  • Additional descriptive text and commentary for displaying in iTunes
  • Supports bookmark function
  • Categorization as an audiobook, thus automatically correct sorting into iTunes or iPod (no longer under "Music" like in case of MP3 files)
  • Uses AAC audio files (*.m4a)
  • Tipp when Externer Link "neroAacEnc.exe" is installed additionally:
    • MP3 files (*.mp3) and WAV files (*.wav) can be used directly without prior conversion (since Version 2.0)
    • "Average Bitrate" mode with 2pass encoding, "Variable Bitrate" mode (since Version 2.1) or "Constant Bitrate" mode (since Version 2.2) possible when generating AAC files
    • freely selectable AAC profile ("Low Complexity", "High Efficiency (v2)" or Auto mode) (since Version 2.2)
    • freely or automatically selectable audio parameters (channel mode, sample rate) (since Version 3.0)
    • plausibility check of the resulting audiobook parameters (audiobook length in relation to sample rate, encoding values, audio parameters) (since Version 3.0)
    • saving of AAC encoding and audio settings in the project file (*.xod), no "manuel" adjustment of project settings in case of different standard settings necessary – convenient for "continuation novels" (since Version 3.0)
    • display of encoding and audio values in status bar (since Version 3.0)
  • "All in one file" – no dedicated chapter files in wrong directories
  • in Icon de-DE German and in Icon en-US English available
  • Multithreading capable, depending on the number of (logical) processor cores (since Version 2.0)
  • Tested under Windows XP Sp3, Windows 7 Sp1, Windows 8(.1), Windows 10
... and of course free of charge, use and enjoy or delete and forget ...
Internal Link Creating audiobooks with AAC Audiobook Creator
Icon Save AAC Audiobook Creator Icon Signature (Internal Link Version 3.0.2, 2.7 MB, Internal Link Installation guide, requires MS .NET 4.0 and Apple Externer Link QuickTime)

Last change: 11/27/2017